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MillTechFX launches with backing from Sir Ronald Cohen

We are delighted to announce that Millennium Global, one of the world’s largest currency managers, has launched...

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Fiscal and monetary policy cooperation, currencies adjust

The tension between optimism about the medium-term outlook once the health crisis is over and the downside risks to...

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More Economic Pain for Q1

The Millennium Global Quarterly Outlook for the first quarter of 2021 shows a market still heavily influenced by the...

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2020: A Year of Growth and New Horizons

2020 is drawing to a close, and many people might be drawing a sigh of relief. However, for us at MillTechFX it’s...

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Liquidity Pressures on the Rise

Volatility creates uncertainty and sees the cost of buying dollars increase. This is creating pressures for year end...

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Deal or no Deal: What does Brexit mean for Foreign Exchange?

FX markets appear to be betting on a Brexit deal which means things could get even more turbulent if a deal cannot...

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What impact has COVID 19 had on Foreign Exchange?

COVID 19 has already had a devastating impact on the global economy and has caused unprecedented levels of...

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An Uncertain Election Leads to Market Volatility

With no clear winner being called in the US election, electoral uncertainty is bleeding into the FX market. Even if...

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How the US Election is affecting FX Markets

The election is creating a climate of anxiety across markets which is translating itself into growing volatility.

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