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MillTechFX Marketing Team
Posted by MillTechFX Marketing Team on Aug 21, 2020 9:14:46 AM

MillTechFX, the execution and hedging affiliate of Millennium Global Investments, provides businesses with the platform and independent services to access multibank FX rates, institutional-grade execution and transparent pricing.

Corporates now have an alternative solution to a single bank or broker, and do not have to accept a rate based on a single quote, as well as high transfer charges. This allows you to:


Save Cost

By harnessing our broad trading activity as a group, MillTechFX can provide clients direct access to 10+ Tier 1 counterparty banks at institutional-grade execution terms.

Transactions are completed in accordance with our best execution policy and our transparent pre-agreed fee can be applied to the all in rate or invoiced separately.


Save Time

MillTechFX provides a holistic service extending from onboarding with some of the worlds largest banks through to the execution and settlement of a transaction.

The MillTechFX platform in particular has been developed in harmony with our independent services to significantly reduce the operational burden and administration associated with managing FX requirements internally.


Let us show you how much you can save


We provide a routine Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) report for clients to evidence best execution and demonstrate total cost transparency.

These reports can be accessed via our platform alongside other key datasets, which help you to make informed decisions on your FX policy and hedging strategy. We also provide access to a selection of the latest in house Millennium Global macroeconomic and currency research.

If you are new to MillTechFX and would like to find out how much you could have saved on your previous transactions, request a free Transaction Cost Analysis. 

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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